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CBD “Skin High” Youth Boost Facial featuring our specially formulated CBD Elixir.

Want to plump your skin naturally?

Want to get more out of your facial products? Want to build more collagen?

MICRONEEDLING IS FOR YOU!! What is microneedling?

Microneedling, also known as a collagen induction therapy, is the process of using tiny needles to penetrate specific areas of the skin which stimulates the skin's natural ability to produce collagen and elastin, so the skin looks and feels younger and healthier.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been using acupuncture needling for thousands of years to treat skin laxity, fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture and other signs of ageing.

Treatments today still utilise this procedure with acupuncture needles and handheld microneedling rollers for cosmetic acupuncture and scar treatments, since it has been shown to be so effective at stimulating and correcting collagen production through the years.
Cosmetic needling is great for someone who wants to enhance the benefits of their products and ensure that more of the nutrients in their serums get into their skin, at SLU we use a Dermapen to achieve this.
Typically, about 10% of a product will be delivered into the skin when using a product topically, but when applied after a cosmetic needling treatment, that can increase up to 80% of the product getting into the skin.


I need to stress that the quality of the product is essential, to ensure that the right nutrients and building blocks are getting in, we use the best premium products at SLU.

Medical needling, usually what people refer to as microneedling, is also known as a collagen induction therapy, since it will build collagen.
When the needles are applied to the skin, they will go through the epidermis layer of the skin and to the top parts of the dermis layer, and in doing so, create microscopic traumas in the skin.
In addition to the benefits mentioned above, this type of induction will also trigger the wound healing cascade to stimulate fibroblasts, increased epidermal cell turnover, collagen, and elastin to be made in the treated area.
When microneedling over the entire face, neck, décolletage and hands, there can be a lovely uniform layer of new collagen built up over time, thus reducing wrinkles and fine lines while firming the skin.

This type of treatment should only be done by a trained professional and is NOT for at home treatment. With this type of needling, it should only be done once a month, at the most, as collagen needs a full 28 days to rebuild.
Microneedling is a great all-natural option for every skin type. It can help to optimize cell function by helping plump and smooth the skin while decreasing hyperpigmentation spots and acne scars. It also preserves the integrity of the epidermis, which I think is very important! Microneedling is NOT an ablative therapy, so you get to keep all of your skin layers!

Micro-needling can help to:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles Reduce acne scars Reduce hyper-pigmentation

  • Reduce scars

  • Improve skin texture

  • Repair and plump the skin

  • Minimize stretch marks

  • Even out skin tone and helps to repair sun damaged skin Increase the delivery of ingredients/nutrients used on skin