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Woman with Freckles

One of the more popular processes at the moment is freckle tattoos. While excessive sun exposure can cause serious skin damage, faux freckles are the semi-permanent option to get you looking constantly sun-kissed.


The freckle pattern is created by a cosmetic tattoo artist using either a rotary motor (machine) or a single needle (hand-poked) with iron-based tattoo pigment to repeatedly poke small holes into your face. While the procedure may cause a number of short-term side effects—including swelling, itchiness, and redness—the tattooing process is much less daunting than it sounds. If you’re hoping to wake up every day with youthful, dainty-looking skin, freckle tattoos might be just the thing for you. Scroll on to learn all there is to know about freckle tattoos.


Freckle tattooing is a semi-permanent procedure to mimic the look of natural freckles. Either a tattoo machine or a hand-held tool is used to place pigment into the skin. "Just like every cosmetic procedure people get, there are tons of varying reasons why you would want freckle tattoos.

While the numbing agent sets, your tattoo artist will start mapping out the main framework of the freckles on your face, starting sporadic and adding more and more based on your personal taste. Then it's time to start tattooing!


In terms of time commitment, getting your freckles tattooed on can take anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the speed of your artist, how many dots you’re getting done, and how many pigments are being used to create your perfect freckle shade.


The actual tattoo process tends to involve the artist sketching out the design, getting the client’s approval, and then doing a number of passes over the freckles with a rotary machine. After the first layer is finished, the artist usually applies a numbing gel before going back for a second layer (your artist might even suggest you do this over the course of two appointments). At the end of the process, the artist will likely add more random or smaller dots to tie everything together.