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Permanent Lip Makeup

We define the lip border and cupids bow and then add a wash of custom blended colour to the lip but without the obvious lip border that can look outdated.

We blend a pigment that will be the most flattering to your skin tone and the type of shade that you prefer.  We then draw the lip template, making the lips more even in shape and as full as possible. 


Due to new techniques, the colour is lightly implanted using very fine needles, this is not only far more comfortable for the client but also give a modern look of a ‘tint’ rather than the outdated lipstick look of previous years. This treatment leaves the lips looking fuller, more youthful and without the need for lipstick.

  to lipstick for good!

Our permanent lipstick treatments give you fuller, younger looking lips with a colour that is incredibly flattering to your skin and best of all, no need to constantly reapply lipstick or gloss.


Often as we age, we can start to lose the definition around the lips and cupids bow, you will also notice that the lips aren’t as richly coloured as before.  Sometimes we are simply born with a lack of pigment or asymmetry in this area.


Great combination treatment with Lip enhancement,say Goodbye to lipstick for good!